4 Great Trails to Take Your Wrangler Off the Road!

4 great trails to try this fall in your Wrangler

The season is changing and for some people that might mean that your favourite activities are coming to a close. But not for you. Not for the adventures that are just as keen to get out and make some noise, hitting the beaten trails as you cut through the forest and make some new ones along the way. For those who have the 4x4 backing power of Wrangler vehicles opportunities to get out and find the secluded, out-of-the-city spots has never been better.

Let's go over 4 of the top trails to tackle this fall in your Wrangler!

4 great trails to try this fall in your Wrangler

1 - Alexander MacKenzie Heritage Trail

Get a dose of Canadiana and set your sights on a trial that takes its modern name from the great explorer Alexander MacKenzie who travelled across our bold and beautiful country from Montreal to the Pacific Ocean back at the end of the 18th century.

He was guided by Nuxalk-Carrier guides, for which the trail also has been known to be called the Nuxalk-Carrier Route and sometimes the Blackwater Trail. This stretch of 420 kilometres is one of the surviving "Grease Trails" (it certainly has its share of names, doesn't it?) because of its history as an overland trade route that joined a wide and sprawling network used for transporting eulachon oil back during the time of the First Nations.

With numerous driving options that range from day trips to Nazko Valley, or tried-and-true four-wheeler-only drives on the Old Klukus Road that connects Lower Blackwater Bridge with Gillies Crossing, you'll find a lot in this area to keep you centred and entertained!

4 great trails to try this fall in your Wrangler

2 - Quesnel Canyon Crawl

Unlike the pre-history that pops up and makes itself apparent to you along the Alexander MacKenzie Heritage Trail you'll find the Quesnel Canyon Crawl to be a bit newer. But not so much that it doesn't also have a story to tell you.

Originally used by a mining companies, the 57.1 kilometre stretch has its share of difficult terrain, a quality distribution of spots to stop and soak in the sights or have a meal, and even a trommel used to remove rock from gold. Because of its proximity to Vancouver and its relative shortness you'll find the Quesnel Crawl a great option if you live in the city centre but want to get out for a nice, challenging trip. Follow Barkerville Highway (otherwise known as Highway 26), this trail is approximately 17 kilometres south of Quesnel.

4 great trails to try this fall in your Wrangler

3 - Eagle Run

We mentioned that Quesnel Canyon Crawl is relatively close to Vancouver and a great option if you're in the mood to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Now, if you want to go for a tough-but-rewarding off-roading experience that doesn't force you to block out the schedule for a day or more you're in luck!

Head down to Coquitlam and tackle the Eagle Run or the numerous other trails in the area!

This isn't a trail for novice drivers, however, and should be taken with care. Even though it is relatively short in comparison to the other trails we've touched on you should anticipate at least 6 to 7 hours to get the full experience out of this interesting trail.

4 great trails to try this fall in your Wrangler

4 - The Award-Winning Whipsaw Trail

We're saving the best for last!

Now, All of us want a trail that does its best to test our control but doesn't try us to tour absolute limits. When you drive the Whipsaw Trail located just 13 kilometres south of Princeton along Highway 3, you'll discover an experience that really stands out.

The trail itself, a lengthy 10-12 hours over 80 kilometres will require you to bring along food and water to keep yourself in top conditions but with breath-stealing views and plenty of potential for camping, canoeing, and scenery to embrace there's a reason why it received BF Goodrich's "Outstanding Trails" recognition, one of only two winners of the award in Canada.