Why Your Vehicle Needs Windshield Wiper Fluid

Whether you're planning a long trip or you just want to make sure your car is in great shape for your commute each day, it's essential to have enough windshield wiper fluid.

The fluid is actually a detergent with solvents that thoroughly clean your windshield to get rid of stubborn dirt and water stains that can keep you from seeing clearly while you're driving. The windshield wiper fluid is also effective for helping your windshield wipers to effectively clean snow, sleet and rain from your windshield, which is a must in bad weather.

When your car doesn't have enough windshield wiper fluid, the other internal parts of your car will not be lubricated properly. This can affect the way your car functions and could lead to very expensive repairs. The next time you go to get your fluids topped off, be sure to ask one of our service technicians to check your windshield wipers as well to make sure they are in working order.

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