When You Vehicle Lease Runs Out, You Have Many Options

When the end of the lease on your car approaches, you need to begin to think about what you will do next. You have several good options.

If you have kept the car in excellent condition and not exceeded the allowed number of miles per the lease, you can just hand over the keys and walk away from the vehicle. At that point call Marine Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram to see the latest models and get the best available deals. If you can't make a decision, you can opt to extend your lease by a few months, giving you time to do some research and make an informed decision. Remember, if you exceeded the agreed upon mileage or the car has excessive wear and tear, you'll likely owe penalties to the car's owner. Another option is buying your car outright. That isn't uncommon when a lease runs out.

When your lease runs out, you'll have plenty of available options to consider carefully.

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