Why Are Tire Rotations Important?

Every vehicle requires maintenance over the life of the vehicle to make sure that it drives right and is running the way it should. Tires are a key component of every vehicle. Extending the life of your tires is in the interest of every driver.

We recommend bringing your vehicle in for a tire rotation at least every six months, or every 6-8,000 miles of the vehicle being driven. A tire rotation is a key to extending the life of the tires. This ensures even wear on each tire, preventing a decline in the quality of your car's handling and performance.

This is a very simple operation and does not require much waiting time. The mechanics will take off each tire and switch them on each side. We can also work on other issues like oil changes and more while you're waiting.

Tire rotations are very important to help your vehicle stay strong. To schedule one today, contact the service center at Marine Chrysler Jeep Ram Dodge in Vancouver, BC.

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