What kind of entertainment is available in the Chrysler 300?

Driving can sometimes be a chore for the driver and riding is often a chore for the passenger. In the Chrysler 300, an entertainment system is provided that makes time pass at a more comfortable rate. Whether radio, video, or satellite entertainment, the Chrysler 300 has it all.

Coming with the entertainment system in the Chrysler 300 is a 9-speaker package to provide that surround sound found in theaters and concert halls. With the base system comes an added punch to sound that accents the base and high decibel range without sacrificing the delicious sounds that dominate the mid-range of human hearing. Headphone plugins are available for those who wish to listen to an alternative source of music through smartphone access.

Come to Marine Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM and sit in a Chrysler 300. Turn on the music and feel the music the way it was created.



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