Charging a Car Battery the Safe and Easy Way

Our team at Marine Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM would like to pass along some information about charging your car battery so that you are able to protect your investment long-term.

Before beginning, be sure the car battery charger is not connected to a power source, and is in the of position.

Get familiar with the positive and negative sides of the battery. Negative is a minus sign, positive is the plus sign.

The black cable goes to the minus sign on the battery. The red cable is connected to the plus sign on the battery. Once connected, make certain the cables are secure.

Now plug the charger into the power source. Turn the charger on and make certain it is working.

Most battery chargers will turn off automatically as soon as the desired voltage is reached. If not, you may have to monitor the process and shut the charger off when the battery is charged.



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