You could drive the same path every day and never experience a problem. Then, the car hits a pothole or runs over a bottle in the road. The tire goes flat. What can you do? With Mopar protection, you can file a claim to cover the damages. Chrysler publicizes Mopar protection, which could benefit drivers.

Mopar covers tires and wheels against damage due to road hazards. You still have to care for your tires, but things outside of your control could be covered. "Covered" refers to a zero deductible settlement that pays for all four tires and wheels. The mounting and other installation-related costs fall under coverage, too.

A deal on roadside assistance comes with the service as well. Cars must meet certain eligibility requirements. Deals run from two-year to seven-year increments.

When problems with tires and wheels arise, don't take risks driving in Vancouver. Visit the service department at Marine Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM to fix things.



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