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Add Unique Lights to Your Dodge Challenger

The 2018 Dodge Challenger adds powerful illumination features to both the front and rear of the car's exterior. You can choose efficient projector headlamps that use a halo of LED light in a quadruple configuration for lights that may light up the whole road even on the darkest nights. A fog lamp option is also available to you.

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Why Everyone is Blown Away by the Dodge Charger's Technology

The Dodge Charger is generating quite the buzz over its innovative technology features that make driving fun and exciting again. Accessing the awesome tech features included in the Dodge Charger is now more convenient than ever because the dashboard is totally streamlined and functional.

The 2018 Dodge Charger comes with Apple CarPlay compatibility so that you can access your iPhone with the touchscreen or voice control.

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The Classic Dodge Challenger Gets AWD

If you love a good rock song, then Challenger GT is your favorite new tune. With AWD, Dodge does something that no other American muscle car can do. In addition, the all-wheel drive powertrain on the Challenger GT V6 is comfortable with a spacious cabin design that is surprising for a muscle car.

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