The Chrysler ME Four-Twelve

The Chrysler ME Four-Twelve

Who doesn't love a good concept car? Although they almost never make the leap to full production, concept cars have long been an integral part of raising consumer interest and sending ripples through the automotive world. Although all are worth a look, some concept cars become classics in their own right, enjoying a long life on the international auto show circuit.

With only two ever produced, the Chrysler ME Four-Twelve is such a vehicle - and as you can see, it still looks just as cutting-edge now as it did in 2004:

So what's the ME Four-Twelve's story? Well, let's break the name down a bit:

Mid-Engine (ME) - generally shorthand for a design that places the engine directly in front of the rear axle, common in performance vehicles where capacity isn't a high priority. ME vehicles are typically two-seaters, and the Four-Twelve is no exception to the rule.

Four - denoting the car's four turbochargers, devices powered by an engine's own exhaust pressure that drive extra air into the combustion chamber, increasing performance over naturally-aspirated engine designs of the same displacement.

Twelve - referring to the the concept car's 6.0 L V12 engine. Although V12 engines used to be common in Formula One, the last F1 V12 car was built in 1995. V12s are often seen in luxury cars with sporting pretensions, like the old V12 Jag Vanden Plas, or the V12 Mercedes S600. Audi has produced a few, as has Mercedes-Benz. Suffice it to say that the Four-Twelve is one of the few V12 vehicles Chrysler has ever produced, even in a limited run. That makes it all the more interesting!

The Chrysler ME Four-Twelve

Developed by a small team under the aegis of Chrysler's Street & Racing Technology Group, the ME Four-Twelve was developed to push the limits of consumer car performance. With a carbon-fiber/aluminum honeycomb body, curb weight is kept to a minimum (1310 kg) while maximizing structural stability and durability.

Since there is only one operational prototype in circulation, finding performance stats is a little difficult - but the official stat bank is as follows:

Top speed: 399 km/h

0-60 mph time: 2.9 sec

0-100 mph time: 6.2 sec

Horsepower: 850 hp

Just let that sink in for a second. 399 km/h and 850 horsepower. If extended into a full line in 2004, it would have been the fastest and highest-horsepower production vehicle by a longshot.

Interested? Thought so. Let's see the Chrysler ME Four-Twelve it in action - and hear that V12 purr:

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