Red 2016 Dodge Grand Caravan and 2016 Dodge Journey

The Dodge lineup has dominated numerous segments over the years - with recent ground-breaking additions like the new SRT Hellcat options it's easy to appreciate the effectiveness of a brand that really gets it.

Now, we're here to explore the reasons you might choose the 2017 or 2018 Dodge Grand Caravan over the Journey, so let's hop to that and get down to the details that separate them:

Consider a Grand Caravan if you...

Dodge Grand Caravan

Take a lot of road trips and enjoy more people and more stuff along for the ride. This includes trips that might be short journeys for a few hours, or the longer, planned excursions like family vacations that see you leaving for days on the road. If this sounds like you - it's time to consider a Grand Caravan minivan.

What other factors are in your life? Do you have a growing family? Consider the benefits that would come with having a vehicle that anticipates the fact that your family will need more space in the future. You'll be glad you did. The Grand Caravan is definitely a model worth taking for a test drive.

Beyond that, the standard V6 in the Grand Caravan makes this one the more interesting members of the Chrysler lineup - why? Because: power. This isn't your grandparent's minivan - this is an effective option that takes cues from across the lineup. From cityscapes to highways, this is an option you'll love to drive.

Let's review the points - the Grand Caravan is great if you:

- Go on Lots of Road Trips

- Have 2 or More Kids/Family Members Regularly Along for the Ride

- Need a Lot of Space

The Journey Might Be the Answer if you...

Dodge Journey

As spacious and powerful as the Grand Caravan is, the Journey presents equally impressive versatility options for drivers that want a little more "city-sized" vehicle than the Grand Caravan - a point that is established a step further if you happen to select the 7-seater option (it's available in both 5 and 7 passenger configurations).

What we've found is that when it comes down to who drives the Journey - it finds its popularity with those who are interested in stepping away from the compact car market but aren't quite prepared or interested in a full-size SUV just yet. This is complemented by a desire for an effective fuel economy and the more comfortable seating position of a small SUV. The touchscreen multimedia centre with USB connectivity also adds a touch of entertainment to the family drive.

For drivers that have to deal with weather that might put you into snowy winters and wet summers - the Journey has everything modern drivers needs to adapt. Note that among the customization options that you can option the Journey with AWD drivetrain. This is equally true for those who like to head out of the cityscapes and into less forgiving roads and paths.

Let's review the points - the Journey is great if you:

- Drive in an Area with Intense Seasons

- Need the AWD Option For Other Reasons (Dirt & Gravel Roads, Etc)

- Prefer the Creature Comforts and the Style of a Compact SUV