Jeep Compass dashboard

So, it's time to find yourself a new SUV and you'd appreciate a little guidance when it comes to the options available to you - let's get right to it then!

Modern SUVs offer all manner of impressive features that continue to see the segment expand in equal distances towards off-road capable vehicles that are versatile and ready for adventure as well as becoming more tuned towards the urban and suburban lifestyles with improved fuel efficiency and spacious interiors for more people and creature comforts.

The question is: "How do I know I've found the one that's right for me?"

Well, we certainly can help you move towards a suitable answer - but, really, it comes down to your personal needs and expectations. Consider whether you think you're going to be hitching up a trailer and heading out to the countryside or if you need a more conventional vehicle that offers space for grocery, your friends and family, while simultaneously offering a comfortable interior arrangement for longer trips.

Dodge Journey

Get the Model that Works Best for You

SUVs and crossovers come in all shapes and sizes, with the compact class becoming increasingly popular for drivers that enjoy a balance of interior space, fuel economy, and engine power, with a maneuverability that makes city driving less of a hassle and more fun.

If you're looking at vehicles with a budget in mind you'll be pleased to find that the class certainly has your wallet in mind - and while there are 'car-based' SUVs as well as 'truck-based' SUVs, you can probably deduce that the first is more tailored towards drivers that have less off-the-grid exploring in mind and the second offering more towing and hauling opportunities.

Jeep Renegade

Jeeps - A Great Brand to Consider

When it comes down to vehicles that fall under the Chrysler nameplate, you'll always be in good hands with the Jeep brand. These versatile vehicles have been around for such a long time that you can be sure the engineers and developers behind them have done a great job of tuning them to fit the lifestyle needs of nearly every type of driver.

From the large and in charge Jeep Grand Cherokee, right down to the compact Jeep Patriot - you'll have a lot to look over when it comes right down to it.

Take the Renegade - the latest addition to the Jeep lineup, with its 9-speed class-exclusive automatic transmission available across the models, with best-in-class 4x4 capabilities and, even new, a price that really stands out.  This is further complemented by the Patriot which has earned the title of being Canada's most affordable 4x4 backed with best-in-class capabilities when aligned with the available Freedom Drive II feature. Wrapping up its claims to fame, the Patriot can get you where you're going with a fuel economy as low as 7.8-L/100 km (36 mpg) highway.

The Compass, like the Patriot has a lot of features to impress, including best-in-class rear legroom - a plus for anyone that expects to become the preferred transport for groups of friends or family members.

Jeep Wrangler

The Legendary Features of the Wrangler

Now we come to the legendary Wrangler. Not only is this a best-in-class 4x4, but it's gone ahead and received the 4x4 of the decade award from Four Wheeler magazine - and at 285 horsepower you're also getting best-in-class standard capabilities on this revolutionary SUV.

Wrapping up the Jeep compact SUV segment we get to the Cherokee - with best-in-class 2,041 kg max towing and the honour of being the industry's first 9-speed automatic transmission-equipped SUV, you'll get around well with a 7.7-L/100 km (37 mpg) fuel economy.

Outside the Jeep segment we have the Dodge Journey making its name known for itself thanks to a huge customization palette, seating choices between 5 and 7, drive types that include FWD and AWD and, finally, a best-in-class storage system that comes standard across all the modern models.

Finding your next compact SUV has never been easier when you pair up with a company that really gets the importance of choosing quality features backed by generous capabilities. Find your next vehicle today with Marine Chrysler!