When choosing a used full-sized SUV - really, any pre-owned vehicle - it's easy to fall into the trap of looking at mileage to the exclusion of everything else. But as tempting as relying on a single number might be, the style and circumstances behind the miles are just as important, if not more so, than how many a potential purchase has logged. Every used car buyer has heard the legend of the "old lady who only drove it to church on Sundays", but mileage isn't the only factor that makes this legendary vehicle such an appealing purchase - it's how gently the car was treated when the car was driven.

But even so, a gently driven vehicle isn't an automatic buy either. How did she maintain it?

So as you look for a pre-owned SUV, it's important to remember that there are a lot of important questions to ask before you buy. As used SUV experts, the Marine Chrysler team is ready to walk you through the most important criteria. Basic vital info is just a click or tap away, as our always-on electronic inventory can show you. The VIN, our basic asking price (including estimated payments), and deeper criteria like engine, transmission type, and more - including mileage.

But as we said earlier, that kind of data only scratches the surface. Marine Chrysler and Carproof have cooperated for over ten years, so you can draw from North America's most comprehensive vehicle history service with ease. At Marine Chrysler, we believe in the power of the informed consumer, and since SUVs and trucks are often used in the toughest road conditions, peering behind the scenes can be really enlightening - from revealing inspection history to identifying potential maintenance issues further down the line. First impressions like press feedback, passenger capacity, and feature list are only the beginning; let Carproof and Marine Chrysler do the rest.

But leading you through our pre-owned inventory to the ideal sale is just the start. Marine Chrysler maintains full-featured Parts and Service centers to maximize the lifetime value of your SUV. With new specials featured each month, Marine Chrysler is dedicated to comprehensive service, no matter what roles your SUV will fulfill.

As Vancouver's SUV experts, Marine Chrysler can help guide you through the vehicle selection process. Whether you've got an exact model in mind or only a vague idea of your needs, we can help! And whether you're looking for an off-road capable family SUV like the Jeep Grand Cherokee, a mid-sized crossover like the Dodge Journey, or a compact classic like the Toyota RAV4, Marine Chrysler's new and pre-owned inventory is ready to impress. Tap or click to check it out!

And remember that only vehicles with a proven history of quality are featured on the Marine Chrysler lot. We've already done our homework - and if you're looking to make a trade-in, the Marine Chrysler team is dedicated to providing you with maximum value. So whether you're looking to upgrade, or you're making your first SUV purchase, rely on the experts at Marine Chrysler - we're ready to make this happen.

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